What is Cold Press Juicer? Cold Press vs Centrifugal Juicer.

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Juicing is the top trend in the health sector today. Now that you have decided to start juicing, you are probably on the market looking for a perfect juice extractor. However, picking the right one can be a nightmare if you are just getting started.

There are many machines on the market with varying features and specs. So, how do you fish out the right one? Before we get into details, let’s first understand what a juicer is and the types available. A juice extractor is a machine that extracts juice from herbs, fruits, vegetables, and leafy grains.

The process of making this juice is known as juicing. It crushes the ingredients, grinds them, and squeezes them to extract fresh nutritious juice from the pulp. These machines vary when it comes to types and designs. You can find some juicers that also function as food processors. 

Basically, there are two main juicer types. These include centrifugal and masticating models. It is great to understand centrifugal juicer vs. cold press comparison so that you can know how each model works and which one is the best.

What Is a Cold Press Juicer?

Incorporating fruits and veggies into your diet provides many health benefits. However, most of us have busy schedules; hence maintaining a balanced diet is hard. One of the best ways you can give your body all the nutrients it deserves is through juicing.

There are many benefits you will get from juicing fruits and veggies. These include easy absorption, more nutrients, and you can consume more fruits or vegetables. You need to get the right juicer to extract fresh nutritious juice.

When picking juice extractors, you will come across cold pressed machines and centrifugal counterparts. Today, we will mainly focus on the cold pressed juicer. What is cold press juicer? How does it differ from a centrifugal force juicer? We have a detailed guide on that to give you a better understanding.

A masticating juicer (cold press juicer) has a slow motor speed. It produces less heat when you are extracting fresh juice, so your juice will last longer. On the other hand, a centrifugal force juicer helps you to make your juice faster.

These machines do not offer more juice yield, and they work at a higher speed. In addition, centrifugal force juicers produce more noise. Before you pick the right one, it is advisable to ask yourself these questions to find the right machine that meets your juicing needs:

  • Do you want a machine that extracts more nutritious juice or one that obtains more nutrients?
  • How much time do you want to spend juicing?
  • Are you juicing for quick healthy snacks or want to maintain a health ritual?

How Does a Cold Press Juicer Work?

Now that you are familiar with a press juicer. Let’s get directly on how the machine works. It separates the fiber from the juice in vegetables and fruits while retaining the essential nutrients. Health wise, this is an advantage because the pulp increases antioxidants and reduces cholesterol levels. Additionally, the fiber controls blood sugar and prevents constipation.

When working with a cold pressed juice extractor, you need to be patient because they slowly extract the juice. The machine can time up to three times more compared to a centrifugal juicer. Additionally, you need more time to prep the ingredients because putting larger chunks can end up clogging.

In centrifugal machines, nutrients and enzymes are heated, they get destroyed like in centrifugal juicers. This is because centrifugal juicers use blades to extract juice from your favorite ingredients. Cold press machines press the ingredients into pulp without any friction. You get high-quality juice that lasts longer.

Benefits of Cold Press Juicers

There are many benefits that you will get if you have a cold press juice extractor at home. The following are the major benefits of cold press juicers.

a) Choose your ingredients

A cold press machine allows you to customize your ingredients to suit your juicing needs. You can select your favorite ingredients to get healthy and nutritious juices. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can extract cold press juice at home.

b) High juice yield and Efficiency

Unlike centrifugal juicers, cold press juicers provide more yield hence little wastage. On top of that, some cold press juicers can extract milk from almonds and cashew, which is hard to achieve with a normal machine.

Cold press juice extractor is efficient when it comes to juicing leafy greens compared to centrifugal juicers. Additionally, the machines produce less pulp.

c) Nutritional value

If you want to enjoy nutritious juices, get a cold press juice extractor. Ordinary juice extractors oxide nutrients and fiber because of the heat produced during the juicing process. On the other hand, a cold press juice maker doesn’t heat up, so the nutrients and the fiber in your ingredient stay intact. Therefore, you get nutritious juices compared to centrifugal juicers.

d) Noise level

Another advantage you will get from a cold juicer machine is low noise level. They operate at a low speed hence do not produce much noise compared to centrifugal machines. Therefore, you can juice your ingredients without disturbing people near you.

e) Smooth operation

The last thing you need on a juicer is blockage. Cold juice extractors offer a block-free use because they have a reverse action motor that makes it easy to clear blockages. This is an essential feature that you will not find in other ordinary juicers.

Disadvantages of Cold Press Juicers

While there are plenty of benefits of cold press juicers, these cold press machines also have some drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages.

  • They take up more space on your counter, and they are bulky.
  • Possible to find solids or pulp in the juice
  • Come at a relatively higher price.
  • They have a smaller chute, which means more prep time.

Cold Press Juicer Buying Guide

Purchasing a cold press juicer can be confusing when you have an array of models to compare. To enjoy the best juicing experience, it is crucial to pay attention to essential things that comprise a good masticating juicer. The following are some of the top considerations when buying a cold press juicer.

Why do you need the juicer?

This is one of the top questions you should ask yourself. What is your main purpose for buying the juicer? If you are juicing for health, then a slow juicer comes in handy. Cold press juicers operate at low speed which retains nutrients from your ingredients.

Do you want to juice leafy greens?

If so, a masticating juicer will be a great selection. Their low rpm makes them suitable for extracting juice from leafy greens and vegetables.

Storing your juice

It is also great to consider how long your fresh juice will last. With a cold press juicer, the low rpm means less heat. Therefore, your juice can stay fresh for up to 48 hours while retaining the nutritional value. Centrifugal juicers make juice that begins to lose its nutritional value right after processing it.


You should check the price of the cold press juicer before buying it. Generally, these juicers are expensive compared to conventional models. However, they give you more yield. So, if you plan to juice often, you will recover your money eventually.


The design of the machine also matters. Of course, you want a juicer with a nice design and looks, especially if you plan to use it daily. On top of that, consider the weight of the machine before purchasing.


Cold press juicers are available in different sizes. Before you buy one, consider the size of your kitchen counter. Juicers are big, so they are most likely to take a lot of space. So ensure you have enough space that can hold the machine perfectly.

If you would prefer to keep the juicer in a cabinet and take it out when you want to juice, you should not worry about your counter space. However, Consider the weight of the juicer.


It doesn’t matter the type of juicer you have; you need to clean it after use. Almost all juicers are hard to clean, but this doesn’t mean there are no easy to clean models. It is important to find out the number of parts that the machine has. The more the parts, the harder the juicer is to clean. Additionally, check whether the juicer is dishwasher safe so that you can enjoy effortless cleaning.

Cord Length

This is another essential feature that you should not forget. Consider whether the cord length will reach from the place you want to place the juicer. Most of the juicers you find feature adjustable cords to give you the flexibility you want.


You should also consider juicers from top brands. There are so many juicer brands but not all of them provide products that will meet your needs. Therefore, read through different customer reviews to find top brands that provide reliable juicers.

You should always select juicers from brands with a good reputation on the market. This will guarantee you better performance and healthy juices, among other benefits. Some of the top brands we recommend include the following:

  • Breville
  • Hurom
  • Kuvings
  • Dash
  • MetroKane

Other Features

Apart from extracting fresh juice, there are other ways you can use a masticating juicer. For instance, you can use them to prepare baby food or pasta. Some models come with accessories that help you use them to grind, puree, or mince food.

What is a Centrifugal Juicer? And how does it work?

This is one of the most common juicers available. The juicers feature a spinning blade that works against a mesh filter to extract fresh juice from your ingredients. It then separates the pulp and the juice in different containers.

Centrifugal juicers operate at high speed hence produce heat when processing juice. As a result, the enzymes in your juice are destroyed. The heat also leads to oxidation; hence the juice you will get is less nutritious than masticating juicers.

These juicers provide a faster operation, which makes them suitable for people who have busy lifestyles. You can make your fresh juice in a matter of seconds. This is because the blades spin faster to extract the juice, and some models allow you to select the speed to suit your needs.

Unlike cold press juicers, centrifugal juicers come at a lower price. You can get quality machines with a budget of 100 dollars. This is a suitable option for people who are on a budget. Additionally, their price point makes them suitable for beginners.

Another great aspect of centrifugal juicers is the ease of use. If you have never used it before, you will not have trouble juicing. These juicers feature a wider mouth so you can feed them with whole fruits like apples without cutting them down in pieces.

When it comes to noise level, centrifugal juicers are noisy during operation. This is because of their fast-spinning blades that cut the ingredients hence lead to noise and loud vibrations. They have motors that operate at a higher speed, which produces the noise.

Cold Press vs Centrifugal Juicer

Difference Between Centrifugal and Cold Press Juicer?

Now, you understand the two types of juicers and their operation. The next step is to know the differences between these two machines so that you can determine which one is suitable for you. I will summarize the differences between the two juicers in the table below.

Features Centrifugal Juicer Cold Press Juicer
Speed They are fast (1650 to 15000 rpm) They are slow I70 to 80 rpm)
Noise Level Loud Quiet
Price They are affordable Come at a higher price
Juicing ability Great for vegetables and fruits but doesn’t work well for nuts and leafy greens. Suitable for many vegetables and fruits including leafy greens and nuts.
Maintenance Easy maintenance and cleaning Cleaning takes long time
Preparation time Allows you to feed large chunks in the feeding tube You need to prep the ingredients into smaller pieces
Nutritional Value They have fast-spinning blades which bring about heat and hence destroy the enzymes. This also oxidizes the nutrients hence affecting the quality of the juice. Operate at a lower speed so there is minimal production of heat. This preserves the nutrients and essential enzymes.
Juice Life They allow air in the juice and this makes the juice to discolor because of the oxidation process. Therefore, you should drink the juice as soon as you prepare it. The juice has a longer shelf life and you can refrigerate it. The juice can last from 24-48 hours.
Juice Yield These juicers produce less juice The juice yield is higher

Cold Press vs Centrifugal Juicer. Which One Is Better?

Should you purchase a cold press juicer or a centrifugal juicer? While both juicers are great, you might be confused about which one to choose. No juicer is better than the other. What is good for you might not be suitable for another person. Therefore, you should pick the right juicer based on your needs.

A cold press juicer is perfect for:

  • People who enjoy extracting juice from leafy vegetables
  • You don’t have a problem spending more.
  • You love preparing nut milk at home.
  • Your main aim is to juice for health.
  • You want to detox and give your body more nutritious recipes.
  • Have enough time to prep and extract the juice

A centrifugal juicer is great if:

  •  Needs an affordable and easy to maintain juicer
  • Have a busy schedule and want to juice faster
  • Want to juice veggies and fruits but not determined about maximum nutrients
  • You mainly use the juice for cooking or baking.
  • If it has fast spinning metal blade

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cold press juicer?

A cold press juicer is also known as a masticating juicer. These machines extract juice from vegetables and fruits by crushing them. The juicer then presses them to get a high juice yield. Cold press juicers don’t produce more heat, so your juice will have fresh ingredients.

What is a masticating cold press juicer?

These are slow juicers that crush and then squeeze the produce to extract the juice. The juicers are quieter and do not produce heat as compared to centrifugal juicers.

What does a cold press juicer do?

A cold press juicer extracts juice from fruits and veggies to give you a higher juice yield. You can enjoy fresh juice rich in ingredients.

What is the best cold press juicer to buy in Australia?

There are several juicer brands you can consider in Australia. Some of the best cold juicers include HomeGeek, AUCMA, Omega CUBE 300S, and Greenstar Elite.

What is the best cold press juicer to buy?

The market has a wide selection of the best cold press juicer 2020. Before you buy the right juicer, it is great to consider the yield, size, speed, storage, and price. You should also consider a juicer that is easy to clean and use. We recommend quality machines like Hurom cold press Juicer for best cold pressed juices.

What is the best commercial cold press juicer?

If you are buying a cold press juicer for commercial purposes, get a heavy-duty model that will serve you for many years. You can consider top juicers from brands like Hurom, Omega, Aobosi, and Tribest, just to mention a few. These brands offer top-notch commercial cold press juicers to meet your needs.

What is the meaning of cold-pressed juicer?

These are types of juicers that utilize a hydraulic press to produce fresh juice from vegetables and fruits, unlike centrifugal juicers. You can store cold pressed juice in your refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Which is the best cold press juicer in India?

If you need a quality cold press machine, we recommend juicers from brands like Havells, Hurom, Kuvings, and Hestia.

Final Words

What is cold press juicer and are they worth it? Well, by now, you understand how these juicers work and the benefits they provide. Extracting fresh juice with a cold press juicer gives you a high juice yield. The juicers are quieter and produce quality juice.

Additionally, they provide more nutrients, less oxidation, low power consumption, and better-tasting juice. While a cold press juicer price is higher, they are worth the investment.

We have also given you a comparison of cold press and centrifugal juicers to understand how they differ. I’m optimistic you will have an easy time buying a cold press machine.

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