10 Best Juicer Under $100 – Pro Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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Best Juicers Under $100

Juicing has become popular since many people are concerned about healthy lifestyles. The price of juicers varies from affordable ones to expensive machines. You can get the best juicer under $100 to help you enjoy healthy juicing.

The whole process of purchasing a juicer can be hectic, especially if you are new to juicing. Fortunately, we have researched and tested affordable and efficient juicers you can use to prepare fresh drinks for your family. Explore our top picks and buying guide so that you can choose the right machine.

 Are Juicers Under $100 Worth It?

Machines under this price point are worth to buy. These machines are suitable for regular use. If you choose low pieced juicers, you might not get the best juicing experience. On the other hand, buying expensive models only suits industrial use, not home use.

These juicers are proper for beginners looking forward to healthy juicing. We are dedicated to helping get quality juicers on the market.

List of Best Juicer Under $100

  • Best Affordable Juicer – Hamilton Beach Juicer
  • Best Affordable Masticating Juicer – AMZCHEF Juicer
  • Powerful Juicer – Hamilton Beach Pro
  • Best Easy to use – Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer
  • Best Inexpensive Centrifugal Juicer – AICOK Juicer
  • Great Value – Aicook Juicer Machine
  • Best Circus Juicer – Cuisinart CCJ-500 Juicer
  • Best juicer for beginners – Eurolux ELCJ-1700
  • Affordable Green Juicer – Easehold Juicer Machine
  • Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer

Top Pick:
Hamilton Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

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Budget Pick:
Cuisinart CCJ-500 Juicer

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

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Comparison table of Best Juicer Under $100

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Hamilton Beach Juicer – Pulp bin is extra-large
– Large 3-inch feed chute
– Robust electric motor
– Dishwasher safe parts
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backpac AMZCHEF Juicer – Variable 2-speed control
– Maximum juice yield
– Silent operation
– Comes with two portable bottles
– Slow masticating speed
Check Price
cordlessblower Hamilton Beach Pro – Powerful 800 w motor
– Larger 2-inch feed chute
– Dishwasher safe parts
– Durable plastic material
Check Price
cordlessblower Eurolux Electric
Orange Juicer
– Integrated filter
– Rubber handle with a soft grip
– Great suction cups
– Auto on and off function
– Stainless steel material
Check Price
cordlessblower AICOK Centrifugal Juicer  
– 3-speed mode 3-inch feed chute
– Easy cleanable and installation
– Faster operation
– Overload protection
– Steel make
Check Price
cordlessblower Aicook Juicer Machine – 3-speed design
– Brush for cleaning
– Safety protection feature
– Maximum juice yield
– Compact size
Check Price
cordlessblower Cuisinart CCJ-500 Juicer – Dishwasher safe parts
– Final spin for more pulp
– Auto-reversing cone
– Long snap-up spout
– Steel material
Check Price
cordlessblower Eurolux ELCJ-1700
Electric Citrus Juicer
– Soft grip handle
– Stainless steel and metal material
– Integrated filter
– Automatic on and off function
– Convenient suction cups
Check Price
cordlessblower Easehold Juicer Machine – Maximum nutrient extraction
– BPA-free material
– Large pulp collector
– Durable and powerful
– Overload protection
Check Price
cordlessblower Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer – Strong plastic material
– Fast juice extraction 2-speed mode
– Large 3-inch feed chute
– BPA-free juice container
Check Price

10 Best Juicer Under $100 Reviews

Juicing is great if you want to stay healthy, lose weight, or simply change your nutrition. Searching for an excellent juicer can be tough, especially if you are on a budget. You don’t need to negotiate critical features for the price. Read our expert reviews to find recommended masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, and electric juicers you can consider under 100.

#1. Best Affordable Juicer – Hamilton Beach Juicer

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

Highlighted Features

  • Big chute for whole fruits
  • Powerful 800-watts motor
  • Extra-large pulp collector
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Comes with cleanable brush and recipe book

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Extract homemade juice from fruits and green leafy vegetables with the Beach juicer. This machine works amazingly well with various fruits and vegetables to prepare healthy juices faster. It is packed with an extra-large 3-inch tube that is suitable for whole vegetables and fruits. Therefore, you don’t need precutting when making vegetable juice.

The parts of the juicer are removable to provide simple, stress-free cleaning. You can also clean in the dishwasher to save time. Additionally, all the parts are made of BPA-free materials for healthy juicing. You will also find the juicer pretty easy to assemble after cleaning without the need for tools. You only need to put the strainer and lock the lid with the included latches.

This juicer has a powerful 800-watt electric motor that provides the required power for juicing beets in to smooth juice in less time. The juicer also features a larger pulp bin to allow continuous juicing. Therefore, you don’t need to stop its process from emptying the pulp collector.

#2. Best Affordable Masticating Juicer – AMZCHEF Juicer

AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Highlighted Features

  • Large pulp container
  • 2-speed control and LED display
  • Easy and silent operation
  • Compact design
  • Comes with two 500ml travel bottles

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This a slow juicer that operates at speed to give you high-quality juice. It has two-speed control for soft mode 50-60 rpm for soft fruits. Its gives you option to choose the hard mode between 100-110 rpm to juice harder fruits. You will get an LED display for convenient juicing.

You can extract the maximum yield of your favorite juice, and the pulp comes out dry. The juice will remain fresh for 72 hours in the under refrigeration. This machine gives you a silent operation producing below 60db. Therefore, you will not bother anyone when you are making your juice.

Cleaning is also easy since it has an easy to assemble design for faster clean work. Additionally, you can clean the detachable parts in a dishwasher. You will also love the compact design of this juicer, so it will not occupy plenty of space in your kitchen. It makes a perfect gift for people starting a new kitchen or travelers.

#3. Powerful Juicer – Hamilton Beach Pro Centrifugal Juicer

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large pulp container for continuous juicing
  • Powerful motor for efficient extraction
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Easy assembly

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Juicing is healthy for seniors, adults, children, and pregnant women. With this Pro juice extractoryou can meet your nutrition needs at home. The machine allows you to prepare fresh juice at home in seconds. You can use different fruits and vegetables as you wish.  It features a larger pulp bin to allow continuous juicing.

The machine also has an extra-large feeding chute to fit whole vegetables and fruits without precutting. This makes juicing faster since the prep time is less. It is also packed with a powerful 800 W electric motor to give ample power for quick juicing.

Its easy to remove the components effortlessly to ease your work. You can also clean the BPA-free parts in a dishwasher. You will also get some extra items like a juicing cup, tips, and recipes.

#4. Best Easy to use – Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer

Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer

Highlighted Features

  • Robust 160-watt motor
  • Excellent stainless steel filter
  • Locking spout
  • Great suction cups
  • Automatic operation

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Enjoy efficient juice extraction with this steel juice extractor. This is a powerful machine with 1600-watts power for reliable juice extraction. Eurolux is the best one that features a soft grip handle for comfort and easy operation. It fits all juicing cones perfectly to allow optimum juice extraction.

You can get clean and healthy juice because it has an integrated filter that holds pits. Operating this machine is straightforward. Automatic operation allows easy juice and you only need to press the handle without using too much pressure on your hand.

The base of the machine is secure to allow steady performance. Additionally, it features suction cups to protect your table surface and ensure the whole unit is stable during work. When cleaning, you can detach the parts for convenient cleaning.

#5. Best Inexpensive Centrifugal Juicer – AICOK Juicer

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine

Highlighted Features

  • 65mm wide feeding chute
  • Stainless steel blade and filter
  • Overload protection feature
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability

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AICOK is a top brand for juicers. If you need a high-speed centrifugal juicer, this one will meet your juicing requirements. It has a 3-speed mode to help you juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables. You can use the low speed of 12000-15000 rpm for soft fruits and 15000-18000 rpm for solid fruits.

It also features a 3-inch large chute that can fit whole fruits hence save you prep time. Additionally, it has a superb safety locking arm for safe operation. Unlike other juicers, this model can give you 26% more juice, and you will also get 36% more vitamins.

Making juice with this machine is safe because it has BPA-free materials that are food safe. You will also have a simple time cleaning the machine because disassembling and assembling the parts is easy. Furthermore, the juicer has convenient overload protection to shut down the machine if the power supply is unstable.

#6. Great Value – Aicook Juicer Machine

Aicook Juicer Extractor Machine

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in froth separator
  • 3-speed mode for powerful extraction
  • Exceptional cleaning brush
  • Overload protection feature
  • 3-inch wide feed chute
  • BPA-free materials

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Juice your favorite fruits and vegs with this Aicook Juicer. It provides maximum juice extraction to give you more minerals and vitamins in your juice in less time. The juicer saves juicing time since it has a 3-inch wide chute that fits entire fruits and vegetables.

It has a 3-speed mode when you can choose the fastest speed, low speed, and fast speed depending on what you want to juice. After making juice, you can clean the machine easily because it has a convenient cleaning brush.

This juicer gives you safety protection, so it cannot operate if you don’t lock the cover in place well. Additionally, it has an overload protection to shut it automatically it is overloaded. The small-sized juicer is great for small kitchen. Its feet are non-slip to ensure no vibrations when in process.

#7. Best Circus Juicer – Cuisinart CCJ-500 Juicer

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-reversing juicer cone
  • Adjustable reamer featuring 3 pulp controls
  • Final spin for more efficient juicing
  • Brushed steel body
  • Dishwasher safe parts

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Enjoy efficient juicing with this Juicer. The juicer allows you to adjust the pulp you want in your juice with the 3 settings. You can either choose low, medium, or high as you wish. It also has an auto-reversing juicer cone to make juicing efficient. Moreover, the final spin allows maximum juice extraction.

The juicer is designed with a long snap-up spout to hold more glasses and prevent dripping. Therefore, you will not experience messes when juicing.  Cleaning the parts of the machine is easy because they are dishwasher-safe.  You will also like this juicer because of its stylish brushed steel body for durable use.

#8. Best juicer for beginners – Eurolux ELCJ-1700

Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Juicer

Highlighted Features

  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Powerful 160-watt motor
  • Auto one-touch use
  • Steel locking spout
  • Universal ream

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If you are fun of citrus juice, this electric juicer can be a good choice for you. With this machine, you can enjoy fresh citrus juice that gives your body many benefits. The juicer is easy to operate because you only need to plug in and then push the handle down, and your juice will be ready.

Additionally, it has on and off automatic use to make juicing easy. It fits all juicing cones to give you maximum extraction. You can also get a cleaner juice, thanks to the integrated filter that holds pits. When juicing, the unit will stay stable on the countertop since it has reliable suction cups.

#9. Affordable Green Juicer – Easehold Juicer Machine

Easehold Juicer Extractor Machine

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful and durable construction
  • Safety locking arm
  • Overload protection feature
  • BPA-free and food-grade material
  • Strong stainless steel blade

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This is another top centrifugal juicer that allows you to enjoy healthy and tasty juices. The machine provides maximum extraction while retaining the natural flavor and nutrients. It has a safe steel blade that allows more juice extraction. This juicer has two-speed for flexible juicing.

Safety is essential when you are using a juicer. The extractor only works when the locking arm is well in place. Additionally, it has an overload protection feature that shuts off the machine when it starts to overheat. You will also appreciate the durable construction. It features food-grade materials that prevent oxidation and offer long life.

Cleaning the extractor is effortless. You can fit and remove the components with ease for faster cleaning. It also features a useful anti-drip discharge spout for mess-free pouring. Additionally, it has a large capacity pulp collector that allows continuous.

#10.  Hamilton Beach Premium Centrifugal Juicer

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful motor for faster juicing
  • Efficient foam separator
  • Large BPA-free pitcher
  • Easy Sweep cleaning brush

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The juicer has an 850-watt motor, which provides two operating speeds. Therefore, you can choose a high or low speed, subject to your fruits and vegetables. It is made with healthy and BPA-free materials for safe juicing.

The extra-large feeding chute allows faster juicing with little prep time because it can allow whole ingredients. You can get continuous juicing because it has a large 40oz juice collector. Therefore, no need to stop juicing to empty the container when you are making more juice for your family. Using it is easy; insert the strainer, use the locking arm to lock the lids, and add the pulp bin. You can juice various fruits and vegetables or use the juicer to make rice milk, soy, or almond.

Unlike other juicers, this one gives you half the cleaning time. It has a patented and easy sweep cleaning tool that simplifies the cleaning process.

Buying Guide: Best Juicer Under $100

When searching for the great juicers, you should not only consider the price. Here are essential tips for buying the best juicer under $100.

Juice Quality

Not only do you want to extract juice from whole fruits and vegetables but also get quality juice. There are types of juicers that operate at varying speeds. Frankly, slow machines retain more nutrients after juicing. You should consider a machine that provides high-quality nutrients for the best juice. In this case, a slow masticating juicer or a manual juicer is ideal.


Cleaning is a necessary part of the juicing procedure. A good juicer should offer easy cleanup to make maintenance easy. Always pick an extractor that is easy to clean so that you don’t spend too much time. Centrifugal juicers are hard to maintain clean. Many of these machines come with a cleaning brush to ease your work when cleaning.

Masticating juicers offer easy cleanup because they don’t splash the pulp during operation. Alternatively, you can consider a machine with dishwasher safe parts.

Taste of the Juice

You also want to drink healthy, tasty juice. Different machines allow you to control pulp level you need. If you prefer vegetable juice with more pulp, consider a juicer to help you achieve that. On the other hand, if you don’t like pulp in your juice, you should pick a juicer that works best.

Easy Operation

A good juicer should give you the ease of use for faster juicing. You don’t want to work with a juicer that is hectic to operate. It doesn’t matter if you pick a manual juicer or an electric juicer; all of them should give you an easy time when juicing.


Working with a noisy juicer can be irritating. After all, you don’t want to alert everyone when you are juicing in the morning. Electric machines are normally loud. However, you can still find some quality ones that offer silent use. For silent operation, you should opt for a manual juicer.

Centrifugal juicers are powerful and hence produce noise when juicing. Citrus juicers don’t need more power, so they are less noisy. Experts recommend buying a juicer with up to 90 dB noise level or below if you don’t want noisy machines.

Size and Weight

When picking the size, you should be concerned about the available space you want to keep the juicer. If your kitchen is spacious enough, then a big juicer will not be a problem. If your space is inadequate, you can consider a compact juicer.

In regards to the weight, you need to determine if you intend to move often. If you do, then look for a lightweight juicer. If you want a stable juicer that stays in place when juicing, electric models have more weight and stable performance.

Speed Control

Some juicers have variable speed while others do not. It is essential to consider a juicer that provides variable speed because different fruits and vegetables require different speeds. This will help you adjust the speed from low to high when juicing soft and hard ingredients.

Tank Capacity

How much juice can the juice tank hold? This is critical to check to avoid interruptions when juicing. A juicer with a large tank capacity is better because it helps you achieve continuous extraction. You don’t need to halt to unfill the juice tank.

Conversely, some machines only come with pulp collectors. Therefore, you can get a juice tank with an ideal capacity.

Power Consumption

You want a juicer that provides exemplary juicing while saving more power. Juicers with motors need the power to operate. Basically, the powerful the motor, the higher the power usage. Centrifugal juicers require more power to operate because of their fast rpm needed to make juice.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the best inexpensive juicer to buy?

Hamilton Juicer Machine (67601A) is the best inexpensive juicer according to our observation. Although there are alternatives available in market, this machine can best option with a very low price tag. For more details we recommend you read this review part of this article.

What is the best juicer for beginners?

Best juicer for beginners would be Eurolux ELCJ-1700. Which is very easy to use specially jucing from orange and similar fruit juice.

What is the best juicer for the money?

Cuisinart CCJ-500 (Citrus Juicer) is the most cheapest juicer with tons of positive reviews. Brushed stainless steel design, Easy-clean dishwasher-safe parts, BPA free are most key features of this juicer.

What is the best juicer under $100?

AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is (cold press juicer) is best option as a juicer under 100. This juicer comes lot of cool feature like, Two Speed Modes, 2 Travel bottles(500ML),LED display, Easy to Clean Brush & Quiet Motor.

Final Words

Juicing gives you energy, improves your immunity, and makes your skin glow, among other benefits. It’s not easy to pick a juicer, especially when the price is the restraining factor. Nevertheless, many budget-friendly machines give you superb juicing results.

After cross-examining the best juicer under $100 review, I hope deciding the right one will be easy. These are top quality juicers that fall under various categories. The crucial thing is to acquire a juicer that equals your needs.

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