10 Best Juicer for Celery Juice in 2021 – Review and Guide

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Drinking celery juice has become a trend among many health-conscious people.  Celery has many health benefits like alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties. You need to get the best juicer for celery juice to prepare nutritious and healthy celery juice from home. This vegetable doesn’t work well with all machines. It can hold on to the juice or get out without being juiced if you don’t have good juicers.

It is great to consider the best for making celery juice with good functionality. The best juicers should also produce high-quality juice. We will help you select the best that suits your requirements. We have also included a buying guide to help you understand essential tips to consider when buying.

List of best Juicer for Celery Juice

Best Juicer for Celery Juice

Best Juicer for Celery Juice Reviews

The best juicer should extract the juice gently without producing heat. This is essential to preserve healthy nutrients and keep oxidation minimal.  The following are best juicer for greens and celery juice.

#1. Best Overall – Aicok Masticating Juicer

Aicok Masticating Juicer
Aicok Masticating Juicer

Enjoy nutritious and healthy juice with this best juicer for celery. It is an excellent masticating juicer that offers significant results. The tool design is compact to ensure that it gives an admirable look. The one-touch operation of the model helps it work well. You will also notice that the model works with less noise when extracting vegetables and fruits. So, if you need the best small juicer for celery juice, this one is worth buying.

Spiral system

The aicok juicer is the best masticating juicer for celery with a high-quality level worm spiral system. The spiral system is in the auger of a device that makes sure it cuts effectively. The tool cuts, mills, squeezes, grinds, breaks, and extracts juice, which is of the highest yield. Furthermore, its design ensures that it gets about 80% of the juice from the extracts. 

Highly versatile

The quality of the juice is fantastic. Thus, you would not trade it for any other masticating juicer. The versatility of the model is also unquestionable. It is highly versatile and suitable for various ingredients. You can quickly process hard and soft fruits in less time. Moreover, the processing yield of such fruits is impressive.

Convenient to use

This is the best masticating juicer with a convenient reverse and automatic pulp ejection This makes it easy to work. The features also make it easy to reduce the risk of clogging, thus durable. Most of all, the machine has a fine filter that ensures that only a small pulp level enters the juice.

Simple design

The device features a simple design that ensures its smooth operation. Additionally, you can easily follow the manual instructions to assemble and disassemble the tool.

Aicok Masticating Juicer: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • It’s easy to install and disassemble
  • The model operates quietly
  • Features high-quality construction
  • Has BPA-free materials
  • Offers maximum juice


  • It limits you to use it for ten minutes at a time.
  • The device does not work well with soft fruits.

#2. Best Performance – Omega NC900HDC Juicer

Omega NC900HDC Juicer
Omega NC900HDC Juicer

The Omega NC900HDC juicer is another great one that works to provide nitrous juices. This best masticating juicer for celery juice is powerful and versatile. It offers an excellent and smooth extraction process. However, the model does not work well with leafy greens. It has a dual-stage feature that allows for more painless extraction.

Build Quality and Design

It features solid construction; then, it lasts long. Omega juicer comes with an excellent chrome finish. This makes it look beautiful and eye-catching. Its materials also make it last long as it can withstand long and challenging working hours. It clocks in perfectly when you fix it entirely together.

Yield and juice quality

The yield and quality of juice is an essential feature for celery juice. Omega NC900HDC can highly extract juice from celery. The model also ensures that it produces high and extraordinarily nutritious and sweet juice from celery vegetables.

Easy to clean

After using the product, you also need to clean it. One of the essential features of this model is that it is easy to clean. It is a bigger size as compared to other models. With that, you can spend less time cleaning it before use.

Comes with various settings

Omega NC900HDC juicer features various adjustable end cap settings. The end cap has five settings to maximize and work on a suitable work environment. It also maximizes output and extraction. You can also enjoy the smooth running and continuous process with the help of an automatic pulp ejection.

Aicok Masticating Juicer: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • It is easy to use
  • The device operates
  • smoothly and quietly
  • Offers maximum amount of nutrients from the products
  • It gives the continuous juicing process
  • Comes with user-friendly features
  • Reliable and extracts sufficient juice


  • Some of its parts might seem fragile
  • It is also a bit bulky and takes up more storage space

#3. Best Slow Juicer – Omega J8006HDS Juicer

Omega J8006HDS Juicer
Omega J8006HDS Juicer

The Omega J8006HDS is best for celery juice that offers easy to operate types of features. The juicer has a 200-watt motor that produces powerful energy for the juicing process. With a speed of 80 revolutions per minute, you can easily blend your favorite celery. One of the best benefits of this product is that it does not clog.

Powerful Motor

A powerful motor helps in the running of the juicer. The model features a two horsepower and 200 watts motor. The motor is strong and thus can power the product throughout the juicing process. The powerful motor also allows the machine to extract juices from celery without much hassle effectively.

Tough and durable

The product features durable materials. Its design also allows it to function correctly despite the long working hours. With its strong material, it guarantees you many years of service without breakdowns. It also offers a dual-stage juicing process, which brings about efficiency.

Low speed

The device works on a two-stage process, which gives you a slow working speed. With slow speed, it reduces the juicer oxidation level. Besides, you can correctly maintain the processing levels of the natural nutrients, foam, and taste at a low speed. The machine extracts juice slowly hence retains healthy nutrients, better taste, and produces less foam.

The slow speed processing maintains the juice’s natural nutrients, taste, and less foam.

Also, the low oxidation improves retains antioxidants and essential enzymes in the celery juice. Therefore, more reasons why it is a better juicer in the market.

Omega J8006HDS Juicer: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Features a built-in handle for comfort
  • The yield of juice saves on the celery bill.
  • Has an automatic pulp ejection
  • Low in speed, which reduces heat build-up
  • Comes with a large feed tray
  • It operates quietly


  • It might clog soft fruits.
  • The juicing process might seem a bit slow.

#4. Best Value Breville 800JEXL

Breville 800JEXL Juice
Breville 800JEXL Juice

The breville juicer is great as it provides commercial performance of home kitchen operations. The device runs on 1000 watts, which comes with two speeds and 13,000 RPM or 6500 RPM. The rate is suitable for making hard and soft juices.


This centrifugal juicer features material that makes it dishwasher safe. The juicer features stainless steel filter bowl, juice jug, juicer cover, and a pure disc. All these are safe to go into a dishwasher. The dishwasher safety also ensures that you are not at risk of getting injuries when juicing.

Unique Extraction System

It has a unique extraction system that facilitates functionality. The comes with a titanium-reinforced disc. This ensures that it facilitates juicing and extraction as its parts comprise stainless steel materials that optimize nutrient extraction.

2-Speed Electronic Control

It comes with two-speed electronic control, which serves effectively. Suppose you can choose to use low speed to juice softer fruits and vegetables. Consequently, you can choose to use high speed to juice denser and harder vegetables. Use the low speed for softer fruits and leafy vegetables.

Shortened Prep Time

It features a unique extra complete chute feed, which is about three inches. The shortened prep time is perfect as it allows you to juice vegetables without pre cutting. You will also notice that it gives you all the nutrients you can find in celery.

Breville 800JEXL Juice: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Features high-quality stainless steel material
  • It is durable which lasts long
  • The device works quickly with super extraction.
  • It comes with an effective micro-mesh filter, which yields smooth juice.
  • Comprises of a sturdy and elegant design
  • Has a large container for uninterrupted juicing process


  • It is a bit heavier, unlike other juicers.
  • The machine might not work well with other fruits, such as grapes.

#5. Best Value Omega H3000D

Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer
Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer

Omega’s H3000D cold press juicer makes juicing more affordable and excellent. This is suitable for juicing green leaves, vegetables, and juices. Its slow auger performance helps retain all enzymes and nutrients. The H3000D juicer also works on low noise, which prevents distractions. More so, you only need to follow simple steps during cleaning.


Most people love this best cold press juicer because it is easy to use. You will not waste time cleaning the tool before or after use. Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 comprises simplified aspects that enhance its performance. For instance, it features user-friendly design, which makes it attractive.

High-quality juice

If you are looking for celery juice of high quality in performance, look no more. The Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer H3000D is a perfect juicer that will boost your body immunity. It is because it works while extracting juices that are only rich in antioxidants, which boost immunity. It also retains all of the celery nutrients, which helps you acquire all the enzymes in it.

Compact design

The tool consists of a compact and sleek design, which saves on storage space. Its design will help you make your counter look beautiful and take less space. The H3000D works quietly, making less noise, which is manageable.

Comes as a package

It comes with all components included in the package. It helps you work effectively without struggles.

Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Produces no heat when heating
  • It is easy to clean and assemble.
  • The juicer is compact, thus takes up less space.
  • It perfectly retains the nutrients in the juice.
  • Operates smoothly and quietly
  • It is effective


  • Most suitable as a hand-washer only.
  • The device is not versatile with all fruits and vegetables.

#6. Best dual speed juicer – Aicook Juicer

Aicook Juicer Machines
Aicook Juicer Machines

Natural juices from fruits and vegetables are healthy and more nutritious. Therefore, many people prefer getting a juicer for celery juice to make their natural juice. If you need the best juicer for celery on a budget, consider this one. This machine is a 3-inch wide mouth juicer with a three-speed centrifugal juicer you can rely on.

Wide Chute Mouth

This Juicer’s most noticeable feature is the 3-inch wide mouth. Therefore, it can accommodate whole fruit and large vegetables to save time. You will spend only less time cutting fruits and vegetables into desirable sizes. This minimizes the time to prepare fruits while maximizing the quantity of delicious juice output.

3-speed Control

The juicer can produce juice, whether at a high rate or slowly, depending on the user’s choice. This is because of the three-speed design fitted to it. The 3 speed controls are essential in maximizing the juice output. This is from both tender fruits and vegetables and hard fruits with ease.


Safety should come in mind when using a juicer. This juicer machine features a safety protection feature. This ensures the Juicer does not operate minus the cover locked into its place. Moreover, it features an overload protection feature that automatically shuts the Juicer down once it detects when you overload the machine.

Easy cleaning

The package includes a special brush, which makes cleaning the machine easier. The materials used to manufacture the Juicer ensure that any surfaces that come in contact with food are BPA-Free.

Aicook Juicer Machines: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Easy to clean
  • Wide mouth to accommodate whole fruits
  • Three-speed control maximizes juice yield
  • Has overload safety feature
  • Materials are BPA-Free
  • High juice yields


  • Some consumers find it hard to operate.
  • After continuous use, it might not be easier to clean.

#7. Slow Juicer – Omega NC800HDS

Omega NC800HDS Juicer
Omega NC800HDS Juicer

The Omega NC800HDS juicer extractor is the best juicer for celery that extracts natural juices out of raw fruits and vegetables. It is also the best slow juicer with a masticating style system which operates under minimal speed to avoid heat buildup. The system is ideal for juice extraction from natural fruits and making baby foods.

Slow Juicing

The machine is a dual masticating style juicer whose main feature is slow juicing RPM. This feature makes the model a quiet one, thus suitable for calm surroundings. Also, it gives high juice output as compared to other models in the same class. The slow RPM is also efficient in minimizing the amount of heat buildup during operation and oxidation.


This model features 15-year parts that have consistently been improved to yield high juicing performance. This enhances its versatility. Additionally, it produces more than just juice since it can extrude pasta as well as make baby food.

For maximum juice output, the extractor is fitted with a cap that can be altered. The lid has settings that enable you to have consistent juice production alongside pulp ejection.

Powerful Motor and Wide Mouth

More and more features are fitted into the Juicer to enhance its performance. It has a wide mouth that accommodates larger chunks of fruits and vegetables. This enables the user to maximize continuous juice production without spending much time slicing the fruits. Also, the model’s motor is powerful and exhibits quiet performance during operation.

Omega NC800HDS Juicer: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Has dual masticating extraction
  • The slow RPM is heat-protective
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Multipurpose since it produces more than just juice
  • Has an adjustable cap
  • High-performance parts


  • Less powerful than other models in the list
  • It is slow in production.

#8. The safest juicer – Sagnart Centrifugal Juicer

Sagnart Centrifugal Juicer
Sagnart Centrifugal Juicer

When you can make fresh and healthy juice directly from fruits, why spend more money on manufactured juices? Get the best juicer for celery juice and you are good to go. This model is a reliable and efficient juice extractor of all times. Additionally, it gives you value for your money.

Safety Locking Arm

Safety is a priority for all equipment you need around your home. This is one of the juice extractors that have adhered to the consumer’s protection. The extractor features a safety locking arm. This ensures the cover is firm while operating the Juicer. On top of that, it eliminates your worries of spilling the juice and guarantees your safety.

Anti-drip Feature

Not many juice extractors have unique features that minimize the amount of spillage. This one has an anti-drip feature, which is handy in preventing spillage. Therefore, with this model, you minimize the debris in your working area and maximize the juice yield.

Wide Mouth

A wide mouth is versatile for any juice extractor to accommodate a whole fruit or vegetable. It takes less time to slice down the fruits and vegetables. So, it is easy to make more juice in a short duration.

Easy Assembly

Disassembling and assembling the Juicer machine centrifugal juice extractor is a breeze. This makes it easier for cleaning purposes and thus saves time. Only the central unit cannot be cleaned, but all the other portions can easily be cleaned.

Sagnart Centrifugal Juicer Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • It is easy to use
  • Has grips to hold the Juicer down
  • Wide mouth to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble during cleaning
  • Safety locking arm ensures safe operation.
  • Anti-spill feature


  • No glass
  • A bit costly

#9. The bestselling juicer – Hamilton Beach Juicer

Hamilton Beach Juicer
Hamilton Beach Juicer

Brands are keen on making their customers satisfied. Hamilton Beach juicer manufacturer makes thorough research on the customer’s needs. Also, the Juicer undergoes thorough testing to ensure it’s the best considered as a juicer for celery.

Wide Feeding Mouth

Hamilton Beach juicer features a big mouth feed. This can accommodate a whole fruit such as a full apple or handful of vegetables. This feature is essential since it saves you the time you would spend while cutting the fruits.

Easy to Assemble

You can easily assemble or disassemble the machine. Its versatility is improved since some of its parts are safe. These parts include the food pusher, the stainless steel strainer, strainer bowl, juice cover, and the pulp bin. The manufacturer also includes a handy cleaning brush.


Eight hundred watts of power ensure the Juicer makes fresh juice quick. More power means more yield per given time. The juice machine features a powerful wattage for power. This enables it to be ideal in producing high yields of juice in a short time. The stainless steel micro-mesh cutter is another critical feature. It ensures a quick work of juices since it can turn a large chunk of fruit into fine bits in a split of a second.

Pulp Bin

An extra-large pulp bin allows the user to make more juice for a longer duration. This minimizes the number of stoppages to empty the pulp.

Hamilton Beach Juicer: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Big mouth feed chute which fits large chunks of fruits
  • Powerful 800 watts motor makes juices quickly
  • Recipes and cleaning brush included
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Affordable and easy to use


  • It produces a loud noise.
  • A little inefficient

#10. Best Budget Juicer – Easehold Juicer Machine

Easehold Juicer Machines
Easehold Juicer Machines

For healthy juices, this is the best juicer for greens and carrots. You can easily know how to make celery juice if you are using the best slow juicer for celery juice. The machine features a BPA-free stainless steel material for durability and aesthetic look.

Power Setting

It has a versatile power setting. Does it bother you extracting juices from hard fruits? Worry no more; this tough boy is equal to the task. The power settings fitted to it can extract healthy juices from either soft or hard fruits. While these power settings allow extraction of juice from hard fruits and vegetables. It enables you to maximize the quantity of juice you get from the minimum amount of fruits. This is due to the high performance of the copper motor.

Minimal Noise

The Juicer is environment-friendly since it emits minimum noise. Alongside that, the juicer machine features a safe drinking mode owing it to the food-grade material.

Easy Cleaning

While some juice extractor proves to be challenging to handle, Easehold juice extractor proves the opposite. The mode is easy to clean and assemble or disassemble if need be. Also, the manufacturer is generous enough to give a free cleaning brush once the purchase is made.


The safety of consumers is a priority. The juicer has a safety lock and an inbuilt on and off feature, which protects the Juicer in overheating instances.

Easehold Juicer Machines: Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • Can extract juice from both hard and tender fruits
  • Minimum noise due to stainless steel exterior
  • Powerful and durable
  • Safety lock and inbuilt on and off feature for safe operation
  • Maximum juice yield


  • Can attract fire
  • Cheap thus, people think it is of low quality.

Buying Guide

When purchasing the best juicer for celery, there are various factors you need to consider. These are the factors that will help you find the best juicer for celery and greens will serve you effectively. Always make sure that you do excellent research if you are buying the product as a beginner. Check out some of the factors you need to consider before picking the best juicer for celery juice 2021.

Maintenance and Usability

It is one of the essential factors you should consider before making any decision on a celery juicer. Maintenance of the product helps you use it for more extended periods without wear and tear. You will find out that vertical design like juicers is easy to clean and use in most cases. However, always find a juicer that is easy to maintain and clean.

Nutrient Retention and Yield

How well does a juicer retain nutrients? It is an essential question you need to answer before deciding to buy any juicer in the market. Nutrient retention and yield of the juicer will help you get the right device for your needs. Additionally, note that the two work hand in hand, so ensure that you get them correctly.

 In most instances, cold press juicers are the best as they efficiently extract all the celery nutrients. The device provides less oxidation that facilitates the process. It allows you to acquire all the nutrients and enjoy your juice. You will also notice that you will boost your immunity if you extract all nutrients from the celery.


The size of the juicer will also help determine what suits your needs. If you are a celery juice enthusiast, you would consider a compact model that will not fill up your counter space. The small juicers are also great, as they are so beneficial when it comes to traveling.

It would be easier to pack them and move around quickly with the juicer. Larger juicers are also excellent, depending on your needs. Therefore, know your need before you purchase any product.


The price also will affect the type of juicer. Before you go out to buy the device, make sure that you have a budget in mind. There are various types and models of juicers with a different price range. Therefore, you need to establish a price range and then do research on that product before you decide which one you will consider purchasing.


What is the best celery juicer in the market?

Finding the best juicer for celery juice might be a challenging task for you to handle. The market is full of different kinds of juicers and thus might be difficult to distinguish between the best and worst. However, the best celery juicer depends on what suits your needs. First, you need to do research and weigh out the available options. The best model is one that works well for you and is durable.

Is it right to cut leaves before putting them in the juicer?

When making the juice using the juicer, you have various options to consider. In most instances, all the options are great, as they will help you achieve the best results. Additionally, you have both options to consider; you can cut the celery leaves or put them in the juicer without cutting. The leaves of the celery might be bitter but contain lots of nutrients.

Which is the best brand of a celery juicer?

Answer: With lots of brands in the market, finding the best is a bit tricky. There are various brands available, and most of them manufacture the best celery juicers. Before you consider any brand, you need to research most of the brands in the market. On the reviews, you can consider a brand that has most of the positive reviews. Besides, such brands seem to be best as most people have used them.

Why is a celery juicer essential?

The device is crucial as it helps you break, mill, cut, and extract all possible nutrients. It also makes your juicing process simple, smooth, and easy. You only need to use less time to complete a couple of juicing processes.

How to use a celery juicer?

Answer: First, you need to ensure that you have all the ingredients in place. Then chop and wash your celery and place it into the juicer. Put on your power and let the juicer begin to operate. Ensure that you indicate the maximum time you need to extract the juice.

Final Words

Incorporating celery juice diet will help you enjoy many health benefits. Many celery juice testimonials recommend drinking celery juice on empty stomach to promote easy digestion.

The above are the juicing machines we recommend for celery. Each of these juicers has unique features to suit your needs. Depending on the size, functionality and the price, you can compare these juicer reviews to find the best juicer for greens. If you get the best juicer for celery juicing, it will be easy for you to prepare fresh and healthy celery juice.

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